Porsche Driving Event

The Experience

When you arrive at the track, our staff will check you in.  After check-in you will be given instructions and will proceed directly to your first activity.  

To learn more about each exercise and the featured Porsche vehicles, check out the Driving Experiences section below.

Event Schedule

Morning Session

8:30am Check-in
8:50am Welcome & Introduction
9:00am Driving Activity 1
9:50am Rotation
10:00am Driving Activity 2
10:50am Rotation
11:00am Driving Activity 3
11:50am Rotation
12:00pm Box Lunch

Afternoon Session

1:00pm Check-in | Box-Lunch
1:50pm Welcome & Introduction
2:00pm Driving Activity 1
2:50pm Rotation
3:00pm Driving Activity 2
3:50pm Rotation
4:00pm Driving Activity 3
4:50pm Rotation
5:00pm Departure


The driving activities will be led by specially-trained and highly-skilled Porsche Track Experience instructors. 


Driving Experience


Lead / Follow Track


Panamera 4 and Panamera GTS - PTX Instructors pace participants around the track. Speeds gradually increase as participants become more comfortable with the driving line.

Lead / Follow Autocross

Taycan - Instructors pace participants around this scaled down course that includes corners that challenge the participant by combining all driving skill elements – cornering, braking, and acceleration. While navigating this course, participants will experience the Porsche Recuperation Management (PRM) that can innovatively regenerate up to 90% of braking energy.

Launch Control

Taycan Turbo - Experience the power of a Taycan Turbo with Launch Control, from a standstill to 60 mph in 3.0 seconds.